The idea of our Connected Stores is that you interact with samples and speak with brand ambassadors, but the model is different.

Instead of 30,000 square foot stores, we power experiences in 1,000 – 5,000 square feet and sell more per square foot. That’s important because space not only costs money, but inefficient design makes our cityscapes prone to sprawl and less accessible and enjoyable. Many people love New York, Paris and Tokyo. Density with respectful and smart use of space make cities walkable, discoverable and creative. The suburbs and massive shopping centers played a role in the generation of the automobile, but now things are changing. The store no longer needs to serve as the distribution center. The store is a place of education and relationship building. The merchandise, although sampled and tried on, will be shipped to the shopper’s home in most cases. We not only power these award-winning commerce experiences now for retailers, we see others like Bonobos, Warby Parker and Tesla taking the lead in the areas of influence.


Some retailers are moving to advanced models of production on demand. One of our longest standing clients,, take orders in advance and only submit orders for production once a certain level of interest. That’s better for the retailer in terms of gauging supply and demand to sell at the most efficient price. It’s better for the customer because the cost relative to quality is higher due to less wastage. It’s better for laborers and the planet because we aren’t making things that people will not need or want.