Connected Storefront: Phase 1

Creating the Connected Storefront

CloudTags creates Connected Storefronts. With our proprietary CloudTouch technologies, we’ll allow customers in the mall, without any native mobile app sign-up, download or registration to digitally interact with and buy physical products displayed on the Aldo Connected Storefront. 

With, on average, only 5% or less of the physical inventory displayed on the wall, we’ll allow customers to digitally interact with the entire extended range on their own devices. CloudTouch screens will uniquely power this experience with no native mobile app sign-up, download or registration. The Aldo Connected Storefront will allow Aldo to understand who prospective store customers are and what they intend to buy, both in-store and online, while creating a connected personal relationship across digital brand touch points, before the store officially opens or after hours.



Deploying the CloudTags Connected Store Platform will empower Aldo customers to engage in an experience of discovery with popular shoes displayed physically that lead to digitally recommended products, looks and content without on all smartphones without downloading an app. 


By launching the Aldo Connected Stores in advance of store openings, you’ll create rich, opt-in customer profiles as well as mobile browser cookie data from personal devices that can be used to effectively allow in-store attribution modeling and remarketing based on relevant intent across the store, website and mobile.

The outcome of connecting the Aldo storefront prior to opening is to test product interest and preferences and potentially add some promotional elements to the experience. The customers can simply go to their phone with no app or sign-in, touch any screen related to a physical product and then touch the screen of their phone. Throughout the experience the customer can choose to remain anonymous or identify themselves by buying, signing up for email or downloading your app. Our opt-in, first party data tells you who they are, what products they are interested in and if they’ve interacted with the brand before, whether online or in-store. Most importantly Connected Storefronts increase customers’ intent to buy by making them smarter, more knowledgeable and connected to the brand than ever before.


Old tools and metrics have been reborn in Connected Stores, by providing solutions for two of the most significant problems in delivering a synchronized customer experience: tracking and attribution.

In addition, CloudTags will provide Aldo the ability to power in-store remarketing to your customers based on the specific products that they digitally interacted with while engaged on the storefront via personalized content in the form of emails and targeted display advertising. This is powered either by a fully automated process, leveraging Nimbus to direct the messaging sequence and content, or as a staff-controlled process that is prompted by Nimbus.




All of these metrics for success are tracked at the specific product and storefront level. CloudTags provides visibility by connecting and attributing the customer journey and sales across store, in-store remarketing content and online through a reporting dashboard.


CloudTags will make relevant qualitative and quantitative reports showing tablet and website activity daily via Nimbus. Example reports are: 

  • Engaged Customers
  • Identified Customers
  • Email Click-through Rate
  • Remarketing Performance
  • Number of Products per Session
  • Conversion Rate on Connected Storefront
  • Conversion Rate Online Later

Aldo Connected Store: Phase 1

Aldo, Westfield and CloudTags are considering a single Connected Storefront experience, during which the team will deploy our exclusive app-less CloudTouch technologies for use by customers simply touching the screen of their smartphone while on This app-less curation will allow customers to interact with products on the Connected Storefront, create lists of products, compare pricing, reviews and other attributes to make a purchase via their phone to be delivered.

Key Features: 

  1. Customers can use their phones without an app to touch strategically placed, custom-branded CloudTouch screens to see rich content 
  2. Create a wishlist or buy items in store, possibly syncing with Aldo’s existing price comparison tools
  3. Purchase via mobile, any physical shoes on display or digitally recommended shoes as part of an endless aisle experience

Working together, we’ll determine a list of success metrics to base a Phase 2 deployment against.


  1. Customer identification 
  2. Measure the % of shoppers engaging digitally prior to store opening
  3. Track and measure sales attribution between online and Connected Storefront


Here are the initial responsibilities for phase 1:


  • Design, develop, and deploy a phase one experience using Aldo brand guidelines. The CloudTouch experience will be built for each department of an Aldo store (shoes, bags and apparel)
  • Source, deliver, and install CloudTags & accessories 
  • Setup backend databases and systems to support tablet activity tracking, reporting and analytics
  • Send emails and retargeted display ads to customers who opt-in 
  • Leverage Nimbus for engagement scoring and dashboard
  • Create a branded case study and video of the experience and results
  • Provide part time in-store staff member to assist Aldo customer experience team in conducting customer interviews and participant observation 


  • Provide staff and training, procedures, and incentives/reinforcement around use of the product with customers
  • Provide access to product feed and relevant digital assets/content for use in the tablet application
  • Provide stable high-speed Wi-Fi in the store
  • If agreed upon, print in-store signage and promotion of the experience 
  • Give access to existing digital brand assets and creative
  • Approval of a branded case study and video of the experience and results
  • Provide access to both online and in-store sales data and analytics
  • Collect and share feedback from customers on the experience 
  • Add one line of javascript code to 

Project Timeline 

Design and Development – 15 days

  • Experience design
  • Application UI & creative concepts
  • Database setup and product feed import
  • Attribution setup (analytics and tracking)
  • Define discrete success metrics

Deployment, Setup, & Training – 30 days

  • Deploy experience in test store
  • Test, refine and perfect the experience 
  • Finalize training, deployment and support plan

Analysis and Decision 30-60 days

  • CloudTags prepares phase 1 analysis of empirical and observational data
  • Determine deployment plan
  • Consider additional store rollouts
  • Determine system integration (POS / CRM / website)

Investment: Phase 1 


Professional Services        

  • One-time Initial application design & development: $25,000
  • In-store installation, testing and support, block of 40 hours - $2,500        

Hardware & Field Services        

  • CloudTouch Screen: $500 each (estimated at 20 screens) = $10,000 (encoded, delivered, and installed)


  • CloudTags Platform License - $1000/month per store            

Optional In-store Display Remarketing Services    

  • Multiple emails: Included 
  • Online Display Retargeting - $10,000 setup (media spend not included, but is typically $1000/mo per store)

Total Cost    

  • Typical Phase 1 Total Investment - $40,000 (approx.)




  • Hardware is owned by CloudTags and is on loan for Phase 1.  Upon roll-out, ownership of the Hardware transfers to Aldo
  • $20,000 deposit with order