A self installed physical store solution that works with all of your favorite online tools. 

Create Mobile Experiences Customers Love

With easy setup, retailers can provide tablets for customers and have them digitally interact with their stores.

Identify Store Customers Digitally

Collect emails in the store without the need for the customer to purchase. On average, 85% of store customers were previously unknown to the retailer's CRM.


Drive In-Store and Online Sales

Access to our Nimbus platform allows retailers to valuable purchase intent data and directly attribute online sales to in-store visits.

Here are a few of the integrations CloudTags Magic Box works with




What's included:

  • Setup (Product feed load, CRM integration, GA setup) - $1,500
  • 12 month license fee - $1,200 (every additional store at $29/store/month excl. hardware) 
  • 2 fully configured CloudTags tablets and charging docks
  • 1,000 CT smart tags
  • 20 hours of support

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