We believe that retail can be personal by knowing a few people who can help you with all of your commerce decisions.

The role of the associate changes from product specialist to technology and decision-making guide. When all of us have access to similar information, the role of human interaction has to change. We believe that role is more about helping people know the expanse of what is available to them digitally in a friendly personal way. Although many purchases are made on Amazon, there are an infinite number of retailers who sell products online. Many people don’t have time or creativity to discover the depth and breadth of what’s out there online. Guides in connected stores are familiar with all emerging and innovative products and brands. They can introduce and digitally procure product on the customer’s behalf. The role of human interaction will still be vital although redundant services like checking out the customer and restocking shelves will cease to exist. 

How we consume matters. Our old models won’t work as the world’s population continues to grow and our resource become more scare. There is a path forward to reduce consumption, still remain creative and offer experiences that have meaning. We believe the Connected Store model is a meaningful part of this evolution. We hope to be able to continue to contribute to a greener, more friendly planet of consumers.