Connected Stores were created under the premise that retailers should be able to provide great brand experiences for their shoppers while being able to digitally understand what shoppers are digitally browsing in the store.


Connected Stores are powered by curated data-driven interactive tap walls that show all your extended product range and update based of the self-learning of each unique location. We combine beautiful symbols and icons with the simplicity of a “tap” on any of the data informed digital walls or products.

As a retailer, it's difficult trying to figure out how to best leverage your existing assets to produce value and defend a brand in this new ecosystem. CloudTags helps you innovate faster outside of the constraints of the traditional brick-and-mortar stores, allowing retailers to digitally engage your customers, know who they are and what specific product they considered. Whether they buy in the store or later online, we enable retailers to track and give credit where it’s due.

Connected customers have the right to anonymous digital exploration, just like they’ve come to expect online. The choice to opt-in is provided as a value exchange. To purchase or save their collection and take their data home, they simply provide their email address. In exchange for their email, you give them access to a simple and beautiful digital collection - everything they tried and considered, in a Pinterest-like list. When they sign-in online, the items are already in their cart, with additional intelligent content.