CloudTags is the creator of the Connected Store. We power customer identification, predictive intelligence, and in-store remarketing with ultrasonic sound.

Everyone is trying to find a way to link both online and physical worlds. Online, there are no square footage constraints – space is endless – so coming up with ways to showcase our full catalogue here was a challenge. We’ve achieved this by incorporating digital elements but only in ways we feel add value and are not in any way gimmicky.
— Ning Li, co-founder and CEO, Made


Retailers struggle with the reality that the majority of shoppers who walk into their store leave without making a purchase and without identifying themselves. CloudTags solves that problem by connecting list building and curation across all personal devices, staff tablets and digital screens. We do this via our proprietary ultrasonic sound technology suite with no sign-in or app download ever required.


As retailers seek to offer more in less square footage, they need a trusted partner to help get the balance of physical and digital right. We have over five years of experience in combining physical experiences of product with digital overlays and additive content. It's about much more than having digital screens in the store. Our technology uniquely connects with the shopper's phone to communicate with products and screens with no app. This allows you to show your entire product range digitally in a creative and interactive way with or without staff involvement. 


With Connected Store AI, we analyze over 150 different variables to help understand customer behavior before, during and after the store. We allow you to see and understand browsing before the store, product level interactions in the store, with or without staff and buying and browsing after the store online. We offer a continuous timeline showing shopper, staff and product interactions. This data allows us to make digital product recommendations that are unique to each store location. 


Retention marketing on your website is one of the most important drivers of sales for ecommerce brands. You should give that same focus and priority to the digital retention marketing of browsers in your store. Data created by CloudTags' universal list features and ultrasonic connections across devices allows data to be collected via mobile browser cookie and email. We push this data back into your platforms so you can create messaging, content and offers specific to people who are building lists or visiting a physical store. 


Your physical store is a place of transaction but it's also a vital digital channel significantly affecting online sales. The CloudTags tracking methods allows you to see and know this correlation. If a shopper digitally engages on your website and in-store, we track these behaviors. Importantly if any staff member engages customers using ultrasonic sound we can connect that mobile device and any later sales back to the store and specific associate for connected commissions. Attributing online sales back to your stores and associates is essential for your Connected Store.